privacy of personal data

The management and protection of personal data of the user / member are subject to the terms and conditions of the dosms service and the relevant provisions of both the Greek and European law.

Personal information gathered by dosms for the users of dosms service is the following:

  • Mobile phone number (in order to appear as the SMS sender)

The above information is stored by M-STAT SA and is not provided to third parties.

M-STAT complies with rules of security and confidentiality for the collection of the above information.

The aforementioned information is not disclosed to third parties and preserves their personal privacy (with the exception of relevant authorities, as provided by the law). stores the SMS sent by the users/members in order to be used by the users and for reasons of best service, practice and support.

Furthermore, for the case of other «links» to other websites, is not responsible for the terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy that they follow. In any case the user/member of has the right to contact the relevant department and ask for the deletion or editing of any of his personal information.

A dosms account can be deleted within fifteen (15) days of the user registration. However, the user will not be able to reactivate the deleted account or use the service until one month after the account has been deleted.

For more information or to make complaints about a dosms user: